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Accredited Employer Work Visa

Beginning 4 July 2022, Immigration New Zealand will start processing accredited employer work visas (AEWV). This type of visa replaces 6 of the existing temporary work visas.

 To be eligible for this type of visa, your employer should hold employer accreditation and a valid job check prior to supporting any visas for migrant workers. Read more about employer accreditation here

 In addition, you should be able to establish that you have the required skills, qualifications, and work experience for the job that you are being offered.

 Once you have an AEWV based on a skilled job, we can then advise how you are able to gain enough points to qualify for a residence visa under the Skilled Migrant Category. Read more about residence here

Post Study Work Visa

These are visas granted after completing a New Zealand qualification that meets the criteria to be granted a post study work visas. The eligible courses are normally Level 8 and higher. Your chosen course will also be a factor in determining if you are eligible to bring your partner/spouse and/or your family. The duration of your post study work visa will also vary depending on the course level.

 If you intend to obtain one after your study in New Zealand, talk to us before you select your course to allow us to help you choose the option that is right for you. Further, it is imperative that we pre-assess your eligibility as you can only apply for the visa once.