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Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa

The aim of this type of visa is to contribute to the economic growth of New Zealand’s by injecting young migrants who will be able to fill the gaps seen in the hospitality, logistics and retail sector.

The steps we will need to undertake, include the preparation of an Expression of Interest which includes the following:

  1. All employment in New Zealand
  2. All work experience
  3. All your qualifications after school.

 On the condition that your expression of Interest is successful you will be given the opportunity to apply to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely.

We are able to review points, which includes;

  1. All education qualifications of both you and your spouse
  2. work experience
  3. age

 Additional points will be granted to the following: 

  1. Those who will have gained a job offer in New Zealand
  2. Those who would have studied or worked in New Zealand
  3. Those who have work experience or a job offer in a skill-shortage occupation.

A skill shortage occupation is an occupation listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL). This list identifies occupations where there is a sustained and on-going shortage of highly skilled workers throughout New Zealand.

Immigration New Zealand selects from a pool of EOI’s every fortnight (a period of two-weeks). In this time-frame only those who have obtained minimum points score or higher are automatically selected.

 My expression of Interest application is selected – now what?

 Once you have been selected you will be exposed to the verification process. This process lasts several weeks where if successful you will gain an “Invitation to Apply for Residence”. Once you have received this invitation, we will assist you in preparing a full application for residence which must be submitted in a very timely manner.

Applying in the above manner through a skilled migrant category visa is the most common and popular route to residence for skilled migrants coming to New Zealand. However, you must be aware that the policy selection criteria under the Skilled Migrant category can at times become complicated and processing times can range from 6-12 months. If you wish to still pursue the above visa then we recommend that you get in contact with us as soon as possible.

We conduct the following services on a frequent basis:

  • Appeals of failed skilled migrant visa applications
  • Full evaluations of whether you are eligible for a skilled migrant category
  • Full Advise to clients and their employers on SMC requirements
  • Drafting employment agreements
  • Advising on ANZSCO requirements
  • Drafting and advising on job descriptions
  • NZQA assessments
  • Legal submissions to Immigration New Zealand

Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa

If you do not qualify under a Skilled Migrant Category or not score enough points, another option for you may be the work to residence visa.

However, the route to residence may take longer than the pathway to residence from a skilled migrant pathway. There are three main ways you are able to qualify for a work to residence visa:

  1. visas for applicants with job offers from an accredited employer In order to qualify for this visa an accredited employer must have offered you full-time work.

 The list for accredited employers can be found on the Immigration website.

 Please note the following in terms of your job offer from a accredited employer:

Your offer has to meet the minimum base salary of NZ$79,560 

  1. Work visas for applicants with internationally-recognised talent in arts, culture or sport.

 This visa is for people who have a skill that’s needed by a New Zealand accredited employer. If an accredited employer offers you full-time work, you’ll be able to get a visa to work here.


  1. Work visas for applicants in occupations in shortage in New Zealand.

 In order to qualify for occupations in shortage you will need to have the specified work experience, qualifications and occupational registration to work in an occupation on our Long Term Skill Shortage List, and an offer for work in that occupation (you can view this list in the immigration website).

 Each of the above category has a specific list of criteria which we can help you in assessing. In order for you to meet the criteria and be eligible to apply for permanent residence you must have a work to residence visa for 24 months (2 years).

In addition to the above requirements you must also meet the general, health and character requirements for Residence and you must be aged 55 years or younger.