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If you are the partner (either married or living together in a de facto partnership) of

  1.       A New Zealand Citizen
  2.       New Zealand resident
  3.       New Zealand work visa holder
  4.       New Zealand student visa holder

You may be eligible to apply for a residence visa, work visa or a visitor visa.

Partnership Based Residence Visa

If you’re the partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident and have lived with them in a “genuine and stable” relationship for 1 year (12 months) or more, this residence category is for you.

The most imperative goal is that you have enough evidence to show that you have lived together and that your relationship is in fact genuine and stable. This is extremely important as Immigration New Zealand can be quite extensive in their satisfaction of whether your relationship is genuine and the information required can be quite thorough.

Partners of New Zealand Citizens or Residents

Partners of New Zealand Citizens or Residents, who are unable to meet the living together requirements for a residence visa may instead apply for temporary class visa. You may be granted a work or visitor visa if you are able to establish that you and your partner are living together in a genuine and stable relationship.

Normally, partners of New Zealand Citizens or Residents are granted a 12 month work or visitor visa. This will allow you to live together with your partner in New Zealand, up to the point that you are able to meet the living together requirements under Partnership Residence.

Partners of Work Visa Holders

Certain work visa holders are eligible to support their partners to come to New Zealand, either on work or visitor visas. Visas will be granted for the same period as the work visa held by the applicant’s partner.

If you are intending to apply for a Work Visa as a Partner of an Essential Skills Work Visa Holder, you are not required to have a job offer to apply. However, it is important to note the skill level of your partner, which is normally indicated in the visa approval letter. If they have been assessed to be mid-skilled or high-skilled, then they are eligible to support you. If they have been assessed as low-skilled, they are eligible to support your work visa application if:

You have held a visa on 28 August 2017 based on your relationship with your partner, and your partner has not been subject to a stand-down period; OR

Your partner completed their studies in New Zealand on a student visa; they were previously eligible to support you as a partner; they held a post-study work visa; and they have previously supported you for a visa while holding a post-study work visa.

Culturally Arranged Marriages

INZ recognizes that some relationships are borne out of arrangements made by their families. Given this, there is a special category for couples whose marriage was arranged according to their religious beliefs and their cultural traditions.

Depending on your circumstances, we will be able to assist and guide you for your visa application if your spouse or soon to be spouse must be a New Zealand citizen or resident.