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Immigration New Zealand has introduced a compulsory accreditation for New Zealand employers who intend to employ new or retain their current migrant workers. The change includes the introduction of a new Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) to replace 6 of the existing temporary work visas. It aims to ensure that temporary migrant workers are recruited for genuine shortages and those employers can still access the skills and labour they need.

By becoming an accredited employer, the employer meets the legal criteria to employ people that are on visas and, in the future, hire people from overseas.

Under the new policy, an employer will need to undergo three (3) stages to employ migrant workers.


Employers need to be accredited and approved. This means that you and/or your business will need to satisfy INZ that you are in a sound financial position, the employment you are offering is sustainable, and you have been compliant with immigration and employment laws.

 Job checks

To ensure that there are no New Zealand citizens or residents available for the position you are recruiting for, a Job Check must be completed. Unless the vacancy is a highly paid job/position, where the salary offered is 200% of the median wage, the position is not required to be advertised.

Employing migration workers

After Stage 1 and Stage 2, then you are able to recruit migrant workers. And once you find the right person, they may then lodge and apply for their AEWV.

We know how important it is for you to have the people you need for your business. We highly encourage that you get ahead of these changes and start preparing. Now is the best time to assess your business’ status and begin the required steps to employ migrant staff in the future.

Ashraf and Co. Lawyers take pride in applying expert immigration advice, by understanding one’s business and circumstances, and finding practical outcomes for you. With years of experience in immigration, Ashraf and Co. Lawyers will be able to:

 Provide assistance and guidance for the requirements you will need for your accreditation and for the work visa applications of your future migrant workers.

  • Drafting employment agreements
  • Advising on ANZSCO requirements
  •  Drafting and advising on job descriptions
  •  Provide representation for the applications with Immigration New Zealand.